Sunday, December 27, 2015

The GOP has become the party of Orwell's nightmares

From Salon:
 "The Republican Party has become the Orwellian party, and Fox News’ Frank Luntz is perhaps the most notorious GOP spin-doctor.

“[Politicians] are living, breathing embodiments of the language they use,” said Luntz during an NPR interview. “When you’re selling a product or service it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. When you’re a politician, one wrong word changes the … meaning of something.”
"It is actually refreshing to see a Republican politician distort the truth without the usual duplicity. Trump is a complete bullshit artist, but not in the usual mechanical way that we typically see from other politicians. Indeed, this is one of the qualities that has made him so popular (and unpopular), and his dishonesty has been contagious.
Other GOP candidates have quickly jumped on the bullshit bandwagon, and as PolitiFact rulings reveal, the more dishonest the GOP candidate is, the more successful he or she becomes. It was only a matter of time until the lies and distortions caught up with Republicans. The party has built its modern platform on deception, and has carefully crafted an entire phraseology to back it up. But there is no amount of spin that can make Trump look honest. And Trump is, after all, the new face of the GOP." 

 This is why Orwell's Politics and the English Language should be required reading. It's a gateway to discussions of political and media literacy.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pair with Politics and the English Language

How many have you have been subjected to meetings with consultants speaking jargonese? Does it make you want to poke forks in your eyes? Words like "incentivize" "deep dive" "disruptor" make you want to smash your heel of your hand into the speaker's nose? METAPHORICALLY OF COURSE. We are all civilized folks here. Strap on your barf bag and read this piece by Forbes "How to Speak McKinsey." Pair it with Politics and the English Language and a nice Malbec.