Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pair with Politics and the English Language

How many have you have been subjected to meetings with consultants speaking jargonese? Does it make you want to poke forks in your eyes? Words like "incentivize" "deep dive" "disruptor" make you want to smash your heel of your hand into the speaker's nose? METAPHORICALLY OF COURSE. We are all civilized folks here. Strap on your barf bag and read this piece by Forbes "How to Speak McKinsey." Pair it with Politics and the English Language and a nice Malbec.


  1. oh, how i wish this had been written when i was in such meetings...i like the thought of putting forks in the people speaking jargonese, it would have made such meeting more tolerable if i had that concept in my mind.

  2. I think consultants make up jargonese to make it appear as if they've invented a new concept so they can justify their exorbitant fees.